Would you like to how to motivate yourself to do exercise?

Are you also getting a big tummy thanks to the winter season? Your partner makes fun of you for looking like you’re 6 months pregnant? You’re not alone. And although the summer is just around the corner, it’s not too late to turn your barrel into a sixpack. All you need is a little bit of motivation to help you lose weight.

Damn, am I overweight?

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I used to be quite chubby. I have to admit that I felt really miserable about it. My self-discipline and motivation levels were very low, so any attempt to lose weight ended in a fiasco. Several times I started different diets, I bought a gym membership, but unfortunately I gave up quickly and all my previous work was in vain. It was not until a few years ago when I decided to radically change my life, that I managed to stay strong in my resolve and got into shape, like I’ve always planned. You are asking me how? Let me explain it to you…

There comes a point in (almost) everyone’s life when you see your reflection in the mirror and notice that you resemble less and less the person you once were. I’m not talking about getting older, but about the moment when your once slim, athletic (or not) body starts to look like a sack of potatoes. Large, shapeless and unattractive. Does a red light come on in your head? It should do. We often don’t notice that we’re putting on weight. The people around us, our family, our friends see it, but not us. We spend a lot of time with ourselves, so gradual changes are difficult to spot. Until that day comes. If you can see for yourself that you have gained a lot of weight, this is the moment when you absolutely must start taking care of yourself. It’s not even about aesthetics anymore, but about your health.

How do you find out if you already classify as overweight? You can easily check this with the BMI calculator. What is BMI (Body Mass Index)? This index shows your “ideal” weight. If this index is above the norm, it means that you are overweight, and from there it is very close to being obese. Overweight and obesity can take away your joy of life and lead to depression.

Why is it so hard to lose weight?

I’ve asked myself this question millions of times, but as I told you before, my self-discipline was negligible at that time. I tried various miracle diets and I went to the gym, but my good intentions were not enough because of the lack of regularity and my frequent stalling. Below you can see a list I have made of the most typical errors that can effectively make it difficult to lose weight.

You don’t exercise

Even the best diet won’t help you lose weight if you don’t add a little physical exercise to it. Physical activity is the basis for a healthy lifestyle and even 15 minutes of walking is already -100 calories a day, but if you want to lose weight, this is still not enough.

You don’t eat enough

Do you eat 1 to 2 meals a day? That’s far too little. If you think you’ll lose weight faster because you eat less food, you’re mistaken. Long breaks between meals cause sugar levels in your body to drop, which is why you often feel like snacking in the evenings.

You can’t stop snacking

This point links back to the earlier one. Restricting your meals results in snacking that sometimes you can’t even control. When watching TV, listening to music, or just spending time at the computer. Try to write down everything you eat during the day which is not a full meal, and you will be surprised how much you snack.

You eat a lot of fatty food

If you love all animal fats, butter, 3% milk and cheese, it’s no wonder that your slimming is going very slowly. Of course, I’m not telling you to avoid fat at all cost because it is essential for the proper functioning of your body. Try to choose vegetable and fish fat instead.

You choose “fat-free” and “sugar-free” products

I still find it difficult to believe how many people put their trust in the miraculous power of such products. Hardly anyone, in fact, reads the labels of such “slimming” products. People do not realise that they are often more calorific than “regular” products, for example, sugar is replaced by chemical sweeteners to improve the flavour.

You don’t eat breakfasts

I noticed that many of my friends skin this very important meal. I can’t imagine a day without breakfast. A solid breakfast will give you energy for the first half of the day and normalise your glucose level, so you won’t feel like snacking. The first meal should consist of vegetables/fruit, dairy and cereal products.

You avoid carbohydrates

I made this mistake a few times, later feeling surprised that I don’t have the strength to exercise. Complex carbohydrates are extremely important for our body because they give us the most energy to be active. That’s why products such as wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread, groats and cereals are highly recommended.

You don’t drink enough water

This is one of the most common mistakes made when attempting to lose weight. You have to remember that water is very important for our body, after all, our body is made up of 60-70% of water. Each of us should drink at least 2 litres of liquids (preferably mineral water).

Eternal conflict – diet vs. exercise?

Many people, including me at the beginning of a weight loss journey, ask themselves whether it is better to focus on diet or exercise. If you want to lose weight, the answer is simple – diet and exercise are equally important. This combination gives the best results.

Stop believing in miracles diets, the best solution is a balanced way of eating. If you want to get rid of your excess kilograms for good, you must also permanently change the way you eat. Limit products that have high energy density and replace them with those with fewer calories. Why is that? Because the latter contain more water, so your stomach will be fuller and you will feel satiated faster. Remember, however, that the basis for changing your diet will be learning about food and its properties.

There is no denying that if you want to lose weight, physical activity is very important. Diet alone is not enough, because even if you manage to lose weight, there will be excess skin to deal with. Thanks to exercises, your skin will become firmer, and over time you will replace fat tissue with muscle tissue. Start with simple habits – use the stairs instead of the elevator, swap the short distance you travel by tram for a walk. If these simple steps seem to you rather ineffective, think about the fact that during a 15-minute walk each day (60 kcal) you lose almost 22,000 calories a year. Add to that regular exercise (at least 30 minutes) 4 times a week, and you’re guaranteed to achieve satisfactory results.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Unfortunately, the previously mentioned diet and exercises are not everything that is needed. The most important thing here is the right approach. First of all, you must want it very much; secondly, you must set yourself a realistic goal. In my opinion, it’s much better to determine how many centimetres you want to lose, not kilos. Why is that? Because when you start exercising, your body fat will start to turn into muscles that weigh more than fat. So after 2-3 months, your weight can actually increase. However, if you measure given body parts (for example, abdominal circumference) before and after you start losing weight, you will be able to see the real results in numbers. When you see that you have lost the weight you wanted, you will realise that your hard work has paid off, which will have a positive effect on your motivation. Below, you will find additional ways to increase your motivation to start exercising.

  • make a list of the benefits that losing weight will bring you
  • start with small changes
  • imagine how you’ll feel when you finally get there
  • reward your achievements
  • discover the advantages of a new lifestyle
  • find a training partner
  • don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong

Slimming is not an easy task, but if you put in the effort, anything is possible. I honestly believe that if a person like me has managed to change his life, anyone can achieve the same. You just have to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Every attempt you make, although initially it may end in failure, will bring you closer to success in the future. I myself, as I mentioned at the very beginning, tried to lose weight several times until the right moment came, and I finally succeeded.

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